I_Love_Saving_Energy_cmyk_logoElectricity is a basic need of society. It is of the utmost importance to the Lagos State Electricity Board to ensure that proper measures are taken in managing our energy needs. With the use of a Household Energy and Emissions Calculator you can estimate your energy consumption, and associated costs. The LSEB also has a strong interest in capacity building starting with cultivating good energy awareness habits in our youth with the launch of the Lagos Power Kids Website (www.lagospowerkids.gov.ng) and the Youth Energy Career Program. The LSEB also recently launched a Solar Lightbulb Inititiative targeted at children in rural communities. Adopting energy conservation practices has never been easier, with the tips below any individual can realise significant savings as well as play a part in the global campaign for the environment  
  1. Calculate your Household Energy Consumption Calculate your household energy consumption by using theĀ Lagos State Energy and Emissions Calculator. Understanding your household energy consumption will allow you to plan and implement appropriate energy conservation methods that suit your lifestyle.
  2. Lighting Switch off unnecessary lighting. Make full use of daylight – ensure windows are cleaned and curtains are opened.
  3. Energy Saving Bulbs Switch from conventional to energy saving bulbs.
  4. Reuse and Recycle Reuse and recycle paper.
  5. Appliances and Equipment Switch on air conditioners, microwaves and other appliances only when required. Switch off equipment when not in use. No more standby.
  6. Timers Setting timers can provide significant energy savings on equipment such as television sets.
  7. Natural Ventilation Avoid using the air conditioner by making use of natural ventilation i.e. opening windows.
  8. Change the Settings Adjust time and temperature settings to ensure cooling settings match occupancy patterns.
  9. Saving Water Ensure taps are turned off completely. Take short showers or bath with a bucket of water rather than long baths. Brush with a glass of water in stead of letting the tap run.
  10. Transportation Plan your journeys to use the least amount of vehicles or take effective public transportation such as the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or water ferries.